Privacy Policy


Your privacy and security are very important to us at Atlantic Nexus. This Privacy Policy has been created to demonstrate our level of commitment to safeguard personal information and data provided to us over the Internet. The Privacy Policy describes how Atlantic Nexus gathers information, what we do with it, and who has access to the information.

How does Atlantic Nexus gather information from customers and how is it used?

Atlantic Nexus gathers voluntary information from customers in a variety of different ways, including customer visits to our website and information obtained from customers over the telephone.  This information is used to better serve our customers and deliver personalized services.  This information is not disclosed to any other party.  However the information may be disclosed if we have received prior permission from the customer.  Personal information may also be disclosed if it is required by law or in other special instances.  We will share information in the case of an investigation, to prevent or to take action against illegal activities, fraud, to prevent physical harm to any person, or violation of an agreement with Atlantic Nexus.

What information is obtained from the customer?

When customers sign up for our services they are asked to provide certain personal information, including name, address, telephone number, and billing information (such as credit card number and expiration date).  This information is used to customize and manage each individual customer’s account in regards to billing only and is not shared with any other parties.  However, in cases in which Atlantic Nexus utilizes a partner to provide certain joint services to customers, personal information, such as name, address, and username of subscriber to those joint services may be shared.  In such cases, personal information will only be used by Atlantic Nexus in this regard and not for any other purpose.

Who has access to this information?

Information that is obtained from a customer on our website will not be shared with any organization that is not affiliated with the operations of Atlantic Nexus.  Organizations affiliated with Atlantic Nexus use this information to implement the services requested by the customer.  While we may use this information to contact you or to send materials to you for marketing purposes, we will take reasonable steps to safeguard such information from unauthorized access by any other parties.  Atlantic Nexus may share aggregated and non-identifying information about our visitors and members with online advertisers in which advertisements can be specifically tailored.  Atlantic Nexus will not share personal information about its customers with these advertisers.

Shopping on the Internet

Many web sites give the customer the option to purchase products or services and register to receive materials. When doing so you may be asked to provide contact information, such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and personal credit/debit card information. If you place an order for someone (i.e. online gift), you may have to provide information about the receiver, such as the receiver’s name, address, and phone number. Atlantic Nexus has no control over the third parties’ use of personal information provided by you when placing an order. Please be cautious when doing so.

If ordering products and services from Atlantic Nexus, we will use the personal information provided by you only to process that order. We will not share personal information with outside parties unless it is used to complete that order.

Internet Advertisements

Atlantic Nexus may have online advertisements. We may share aggregate and non-identifying information about our website visitors and members collected through the registration process and through submitted online surveys or online promotions with these advertisers. Atlantic Nexus may use this aggregate and non-identifying information to send advertisements geared to the customer. For example, an advertiser may want to reach a target audience (i.e., females between 22 and 45 years of age) and provides an advertisement geared to that audience. Based on the information that Atlantic Nexus has collected, we may then display the advertisement to the intended audience. Atlantic Nexus will not share personal information about its visitors or members with these advertisers.

Responding to Inquiries

If Atlantic Nexus’ visitors and members send an email to Atlantic Nexus, the return email address that is provided will be used to reply back.  This return address will not be given to any other party or used for any other purpose other than Atlantic Nexus replying back to you.


Atlantic Nexus will conduct periodic surveys of both business and residential customers. We encourage customers to take part in these surveys in order to provide us with important information that will help us improve the services we provide to our customers. This personal information along with responses will remain strictly confidential information, even if the survey should be conducted by a third party. Our surveys are strictly voluntary.

Special Circumstances

Atlantic Nexus’ Privacy Policy prohibits the sharing of personally identifiable information with any other parties as described above.  But during special circumstances Atlantic Nexus may have to disclose certain information.  This information may include but is not limited to information regarding your use of Internet Services or web sites accessible through our services.  Special circumstances may include but are not limited to:  compliance with current laws, government and legal requests to disclose information, to identify, contact, or to bring to justice anyone who may be breaking the law or violating our Acceptable Use Policy or any other Agreement, or to protect Atlantic Nexus and our members.

How we use Cookies

Atlantic Nexus will use cookies to accumulate and store data for statistical purposes, to improve Services and products that Atlantic Nexus offers, and to control our networks in a more timely fashion.  The cookies utilized by Atlantic Nexus will not be accessed by any other third party.

Third party advertisers or partners with Atlantic Nexus may use their own cookies that that they have gathered.  We do not control how these advertisers and partners use cookies and we expressly disclaim responsibility for information collected through them.

Children’s Privacy

Atlantic Nexus is committed to protecting children’s privacy.  It is Atlantic Nexus’ policy to abide by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.  In compliance with this Act, Atlantic Nexus does not collect personally identifiable information on children under age 13.  Additionally, we do not direct advertisements geared toward children under age 13.  Atlantic Nexus encourages parents to supervise their children’s activities online.  Parents should advise children not to divulge personal information online without first obtaining their permission.     


Atlantic Nexus may host a forum in which customers may post comments and freely communicate with others.  This information is open for all to see and in no way considered private information.  If the content on such a forum is deemed inappropriate, vulgar, or unlawful in any way, such content may be removed.  However, Atlantic Nexus assumes no responsibility for the content that may be present at a given time on the forum.

Security Measures

Atlantic Nexus takes precautions to protect your privacy and your financial information.  For example, passwords are used to protect member access to personal information and services.  Secure Socket Layer encryption is used to protect customer financial information, such as bank account or credit card numbers.  This technology scrambles this information to prevent unauthorized access to this sensitive information.  Although utilizing such precautions, Atlantic Nexus makes no guarantee that our web site will be protected from viruses, security threats, or that your information will always be secure.  If you do business with a third party online, you should check their Privacy Policy before divulging personal or sensitive information.  

Use of Email

Atlantic Nexus’ policy is not to read email or share private email messages from our customers unless it is in reference to the establishment of or maintenance of services provided by Atlantic Nexus as described in the terms of Atlantic Nexus’ Service Agreement, or as otherwise required by law.


Atlantic Nexus lists links to our affiliates, who in general share the same respect that Atlantic Nexus has for our customers’ privacy.  However, Atlantic Nexus is in no way responsible for information submitted by you or collected from you on these sites.  We recommend that you read the Privacy Policies located on each specific site before volunteering personal information.


Atlantic Nexus reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this policy at any time.  All such revisions, amendments, or modifications will be posted online at:

Version 3/06/04